We are thankful to our generous donors who have provided support for our school. They have played an important role in making our vision possible. Here are some of Mathru’s donors:

  1. Mr. Appa Rao, Managing Trustee (Centum group of company)
  2. Dr.N.K.Srinivas, Managing Trustee (Aid for Blind Children India)
  3. Mr. & Mrs. A.K.Mahaesh, Managing Director (Bangalore Coil Industies)
  4. Justice. Shivraj Patil
  5. Concern India Foundation, Bangalore Branch
  6. Mr.Himanshu Desai
  7. Mr.E.K Krishnappa, MLC and Film producer
  8. Srinivasa Devasthana Seva Samithi Trust, Mahalakshmipura, Bangalore
  9. Give India
  10. Gayathri Ganesha Temple