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Mathru's Mission

To work for the welfare of the disabled children and uplift their socio-economic condition, by:

so that they find a meaningful place in society and lead meaningful lives.

Providing education that meets and exceeds national standards

Providing students with an excellent education is first and foremost on Mathru’s priority list. The school follows the curriculum prescribed by the Karnataka State Board, making an exception only for the Mathru School for the Differently-Abled where individualized syllabi better suits the children.

Providing Medical Assistance

Students’ health is very important to the Mathru School. Students are provided with special health care services and are seen by doctors including ophthalmologists, dermatologists, and orthopedists. The doctors are called upon for an initial examination when children arrive at Mathru and thereafter are called upon on an annual basis to complete a checkup of each student.

Teaching Daily Living Skills

Besides providing quality education, the Mathru School makes it a point to teach students the skills they need to lead an independent life such as personal hygiene (toilet manners, brushing teeth, combing hair, dressing up, etc.), community involvement (doing laundry, washing belongings, cleaning dormitory and bathroom, etc.), and mobility training which helps students move confidently around their surroundings without assistance.

Encouraging Talent

To bring out the hidden talents of the blind students, the Mathru School started an academy of art, music, dance, and drama in 2002. Instructors come to the school or students visit instructors to receive lessons. The Mathru School holds several cultural exhibitions throughout the year to showcase the students’ talents. In addition, the students participate in many cultural competitions for which they have won various prizes as well as the appreciation of the community and media.

Building self-confidence and personality

To meet our goal of promoting independence and happiness, the Mathru School offers students many opportunities to build self-confidence and personality. The students regularly visit the Kensri International School, a school for sighted children, where they learn yoga, play basketball and cricket, and learn to interact with various people.

Providing job opportunities to the disabled in the community

An important objective of Mathru is to identify the skills and abilities of the blind and to provide suitable jobs wherever and whenever it is required. Mathru employs visually impaired faculty and staff.