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Shastry sir is one of the main reasons why I made it to an IIT. The way he taught Mathematics was spectacular. He made sure the toughest of the concepts were delivered to us in the simplest of ways; he has this wonderful gift any student would expect from a teacher. He always went a step beyond in teaching mathematics. These extra things we learnt is what made sure we fell in love with the subject. Read More

Mayank Baranwal

Shastry sir was instrumental in enabling me to attain my true potential. His excellence can be aptly summed up in a sentence. Teach a person 1000 concepts, and he/she will crack JEE, but teach a person how to approach and understand a concept from scratch, and there will be no limit to what they can accomplish. Without Sastry sir, I wouldn’t come close to being the person I am today. The values he taught are ones that I will keep dear for my entire life. Read More

Chetan Reddy

I am Chetan Reddy, presently a student of IIT Madras. I gave my JEE Advanced exam in 2019. Shastry sir taught me Mathematics for JEE in class 11 and 12. Generally, math is perceived as a serious subject and the classes tend to become monotonous and serious for that reason. But, it was after attending Shastry sir’s class that I realised the amount of fun one can have even in a math class. He has this brilliant ability of delivering the content in a fun and elegant way. Read More

Anirudh S

Shastry sir was my mathematics teacher during my second year of JEE coaching in 2nd PUC (equivalent to 12th standard or +2). The mathematics portions for that year comprised of some of the most difficult topics in the JEE portions like calculus, and permutations and combinations. Most students struggle in these areas but we were like to have Sastry sir teaching us these topics. His style of teaching was liked by all types of students. Read More

Akshay Reddy

PSS Sir was one of if not the best math teacher I had in my life. It was due to is teachings that I was able to score full in the maths section of my JEE Mains exam in September. He was able to explain complex concepts in a simple manner. I remember I struggled with permutations and combinations when I was in 11th grade. However, after he explained it to me in class, I can say without a doubt that it became much easier. Read More


P Srinivas Shastry sir is a great teacher and has helped my journey in mathematics. He explains concepts in a method easy to visualize and grasp by the students and ensures our understanding through innovative, thought-provoking questions. PSS sir has a cheerful way of teaching and his classes are fun to attend. He shows his intense love for the subject and makes us love it too. Read More

Yash Sanjeev

After qualifying for INMO, I met Shastry sir, who was a God send for me. He mentored and guided me, helping me secure a medal at the International Mathematics Olympiad 2017, with a global rank of 139. Read More