Our alumni are products of our learning system. Rightfully, we will always be proud of them and their achievements. In many ways, the history and legacy of an institution is reflected through their professional graphs.

mLAC’s alumni have given so much to be cheerful about and more optimistic about the future students. As true brand ambassadors, they spread the good word about their alma mater in the far corners of this planet. Their feedback and suggestions are most valued and their good words have always inspired and raised the bar of excellence of the juniors on campus.

Going forward, we expect our alumni to play a more important role in development of our on-campus students. The senior achievers serve as huge confidence boosters and in many cases become role models. Our doors are forever open for the alumni to act as mentors and share their experiences. The alumni are welcome to be part of several other initiatives too.

Here is a brief look at some of the mLAC alumni:

  • Atiya Begum, CEO, Savera Homes (NGO). Graduated in 1986.
  • Pushpalata, Joint Commissioner, Department of Commercial Taxes (Appeals)
  • Dr. Anuradha Rajput, Vice president, TeleVital Healthcare and Co-founder of QED Preclinical Services Pvt. Limited. Graduated in 1983.
  • Padma Ashok, CEO, Ideas for Change. Founder Trustee & Treasurer, Save Tiger First. Graduated in 1995.

  • Tapasi Adhikari, Delivery & Support Manager, Lloyds Banking Group, London. Graduated in 1998.

  • Dr. Vaishnavi M, Assistant Professor at the Dept. of Botany, St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore. Graduated in 2007.
  • Sahana Savitri B, Senior Research Analyst at Comply Global Cloud Solutions, Bangalore. Graduated in 2010.
  • Seema Rath, Entrepreneur, Fahrenheit Weddings and Events. Graduated in 2011.
  • Shraddha, Company Secretary, TUV Rheinland Group.
  • Sneha Chandrashekar, Co-founder & CEO, Black & White Tech Writing Solutions. Graduated in 2008.
  • Koyel Priyadarshini, Process Consultant in Program Management with Torry Harris Business Solutions. Graduated in 2004.
  • Jayashree R, Senior Financial Accountant, AMP Financial Services. Graduated in 2003.
  • Bhakthi Manjunath, Trustee, Dhee Educational and Cultural Trust. Graduated in 2006.