Empowering Women and Inspiring a Healthy Change
Dr. TL Shantha, Director, MLAC

“Women stand at the crossroads between production and reproduction, economic activity and the care of human beings and therefore between economic growth and human development. They are the workers in both spheres – those most responsible and therefore with most at stake, those who suffer the most when the two work at cross purposes and those most sensitive to the need for better integration between the two.” PEGGY ANTROBUS.

The unique dimension of women of this decade is that they continue to struggle with the dilemma of choices between social roles and specially motherhood and work roles. In the emerging realities of globalization and liberal business environment, the challenges facing Indian women in the last decade of the twentieth century and the millennium are the complexity of life space and the competition of the business environment. This contributed to the syndrome of the survival of the fittest. In the organizational context it meant long working hours. Despite increasing acceptance of women in organizations and opportunities available, it is still difficult for women to reach the top at the pace at which they wish and for which they are qualified. The women constantly need to juggle roles and responsibilities and attempt to maintain a balance between home and career. This exerts enormous pressure and affects their physical, social and emotional well being.