Chemistry is one of the basic sciences based on which many further derived areas of study have emerged. Those who pursue chemistry as a core subject can aspire for careers in teaching, research, branches involving pharmacy, medicine and many more.

The Chemistry Department at mLAC offers solid foundation at the UG level in order for students to seek further study or work options. Our highly experienced teaching faculty and the excellent lab infrastructure with high end equipment offer encouragement to student research. We have a strong focus on eco friendly initiatives. Our Open Science Day celebration every year attracts vigorous participation from all students.

Programs and Courses Offered:


B.Sc. - PCM, CBZ, CBBT & CZBT Faculty
Name Qualification Designation Specialization
Dr.N Radhakrishna M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D. Associate Professor Organic Chemistry
Ms. Uma Shankar M.Sc Associate Professor Organic Chemistry
Muralidhara M M.Sc Associate Professor Physical Chemistry
Ms. Nussarath Zareen M.Sc Associate Professor Physical Chemistry
(On deputation to Higher Education Council)
M.Sc, M.Phil. Associate Professor Inorganic Chemistry
Ms.Nagalaxmi B N M.Sc, M.Phil, (Ph.D) Associate Professor Organic Chemistry
  • Develop Research Facilities
  • Industry internships for teachers and students
  • Develop a Centre for Environment Education (CEE)
Name Title of the Paper Journal
Dr. N Radhakrishna Direct and Derivative Spectrophotometric Determination of Gold (II) in presence of micellar medium using 4-Hydrixy- 3,5-Dimethoxy Benzaldehyde 4- Hydroxy Benzoylhydrazone (HDMBHBH) International Journal of Analytical and Bio analytical Chemistry ISSN – 2231 - 5012
Dr. N Radhakrishna Direct and Derivative Spectrophotometric Determination of Cobalt (II) using 3,5-Dimethoxy Benzaldehyde 4- Hydroxy Benzaldehyde Benzoylhydrazone (DMBBH) Journal of International Academy of Physical Sciences ISSN: 0974 - 9373
Dr. N Radhakrishna A Sensitive and Selective Chromogenic Organic Reagent 4-hydroxy-3,5-dimethoxy benzaldehyde-4-hydroxy benzoyl hydrazone (HDMBHBH) for the Direct and Derivative Spectrophotometric Determination of Lead (II) European Reviews of Chemical Research, 2015 ISSN: 2312 - 7708
Nagalaxmi B N A selective novel organic reagentdiacetylmonoxime-3-amino-4-hydroxybenzoyl hydrazone(DMAHBH) using for the direct and derivative spectrophotometric determination of lead(II) in presence of Micellar medium Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research,2015 ISSN:0975-7384
Nagalaxmi B N Determination of Trace amounts of cd(II) by using a chromogrnic reagent using UV-Visible spectrophotometry method Journal of European Reviews of Chemical Research. ISSN: