Computer Science

Computer Science has captured the imagination of the new generation like none else. The possibilities never seem to end. Be it with the desktops or the mobile phones or the myriad apps, the world is forever new thanks to the limitless progress in the field of computer science of course, the human ingenuity in pushing the limits. Students study the design, development and analysis of software and hardware to solve problems in a variety of business, scientific and social contexts.

The Department of Computer Science at mLAC endeavours to bring the state-of-the-art in IT into the classroom. Our highly qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty and excellent infrastructure together enable consistency in students achieving university ranks. Excellent placement record of students is a feather in the department’s cap.

Programs and Courses offered:

  • Bachelor of Science with Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science (PMC)
  • Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA).
UGC Sponsored Add-on Courses:
  • Datacare Management
  • Network Simulation
  • E-Commerce
Name Qualification Designation Specialization
Dr Rama M A M.Sc, MCA, Ph.D Coordinator Solid state physics,
Chitra Ravi B.E, MCA, M.Phil, (Ph.D) Associate Professor &
Head of Department
Computer Science
Pratibha M M.Sc, PGDCA Associate Professor Computer Science
Sumita Deb M.S, M.Phil. Assistant Professor Computer Science
Harish H MCA,MBA, M E, SLET,/td> Assistant Professor Computer Science
Rama Shankar M.Sc., M.Phil Assistant Professor Computer Science
Vijayalakshmi A Lepakshi M.Sc., MCSE, M.Phil, (Ph.D) Assistant Professor Computer Science
Bharathi D S,/td> B.E. Assistant Professor Computer Science
Nethravathy S M.Sc, MCA, M.Phil. Assistant Professor Computer Science
Sangeetha S M.Sc. Assistant Professor Computer Science
Bhavani G M.C.A. Assistant Professor Computer Science
Deepika C B.E Assistant Professor Computer Science
Senior Visiting Faculty: Kishore Subbarao, M.Sc, M.Phil
  • o design a curriculum to suit industry requirements
  • To introduce internships as an essential component of curriculum
  • To provide virtual on-line training to faculty and students on the current IT technologies.
  • To conduct faculty development programmes through Video conferencing
  • To provide specialized add-on courses in subjects such as Web Page Designing, Multi-Media technologies, J2EE, PHP, MySQL etc.
Name Title of the Paper Journal
Dr Rama M A ICT for Effective Study of Microstates of systems obeying Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution, a limiting case of quantum statistics - International International Organization of Scientific Research –Journal of Applied Physics (IOSR – JAP) 2278-4861
Chitra Ravi Task Scheduling in Grid computing systems constrained by Resource Availability - International International journal of Engineering and Innovative Technology 2227-3754
Chitra Ravi Characterization and Prediction of Resource Availability in Grids - International International journal of Computer Engineering and Technology 0976-6375
Vijayalakshmi A Lepakshi A Study on Task Scheduling in Cloud computing systems - International International journal of Engineering and Innovative Technology 2277-3754