In its most simple and concise definition, economics is the study of how society uses its limited resources. Economics deals with the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. It involves understanding of

  • Markets and the macro-economy.
  • Economic statistics and their significance
  • Different policy options and evaluating their likely outcomes.

The Economics Department at mLAC gives students a solid foundation in economics, since this is one of the earliest departments to operate in this institution. We believe students in economics can benefit greatly through active engagement with different schools of thought, we bring to the classroom perspectives that are truly eye opening.

Programs and Courses offered:

  • Bachelor of Arts - History, Economics, Sociology (HES)
  • Bachelor of Arts - History, Economics, Political Science (HEP)
Name Qualification Designation Specialization
Sandhya Suri M.A., M.Phil Associate Professor Economics
  • Undertake funded research projects
  • Organise lectures by eminent economists
  • Organize State/National level seminars and conferences
  • Conduct group discussions on current economic issues
Name of the Faculty Title of the Paper Journal
(National/ International)
Sandhya Suri Significance of Public sector enterprises-an overview Southern Economist May 2009 ISSN-0038-4046
Sandhya Suri Global warming Southern Economist Nov 2009 ISSN-0038-4046
Sandhya Suri Water resource management in India- an analysis Southern Economist May 2010 ISSN- 0038-4046
Sandhya Suri Assessment of schemes for Rural Entrepreneurial Development Southern Economist Jan 2014 ISSN -0038-4046
Sandhya Suri Service sector and its Challenges Southern Economist Feb 2014 ISSN- 0038-4046