Management Studies

The role of a manager in changing world can never be over emphasized. For a vast country like India and a dynamic world, there is an ever growing demand for professionals with the right academic background in the field of management studies. A practical learning in management involves appreciation of real world dynamics and grassroot principles across functional areas.

The Department of Management Studies at mLAC has all the core strengths to make you an effective manager. These include:

  • Qualified faculty
  • Mentorship
  • Focus on excellence
  • In-house research
  • Experiential Learning methodologies (Industrial visits, Internships)
  • Holistic Personality Development
Courses Offered:
  • UG: BBA
  • UGC sponsored add-on-course: Entrepreneurship Development
  • Certificate course: French
Learning Methodologies:
  • Role plays
  • Group discussions
  • Power point presentation
  • Peer assisted learning
  • Case Analysis
  • Problem solving
  • Management games
  • Internships
  • Industrial visits
  • Research project
  • Incubation Centre for promoting entrepreneurship.
  • Collaboration with industries for teacher exchange/development.
  • Formal system of mentoring to be established.
  • Linkages with premier institutions for knowledge sharing.
  • MOUs with industry partners for student internship.
  • Undertake major research projects to enhance focus on research.
  • To be ranked among the best institutions for management studies in India.
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