The study of physics is significant because the concepts serve as the basis for more complicated concepts that apply to other sciences. In fact, they say today’s Physics is tomorrow’s engineering. In that sense, Physics has an enormous role to play in understanding and solving the world’s problems.

The Department of Physics at mLAC is well equipped to provide quality learning to all our students. We leverage our diverse strengths that include:

  • Innovative teaching Styles.
  • Guiding Student Projects and preparing them to participate in student Conferences.
  • Helping students to publish papers in National and International Journals.
  • Conducting quality Workshops for the benefit of students (UG and PG), staff, researchers, technicians.
  • Capability in setting up new labs in Govt. and Rural Colleges.
  • Building low cost instruments for self and other colleges.
  • Popularization of Science in Schools
  • Publishing Books
  • Designing and Printing Work-books and manuals for Physics students of Bangalore and Tumkur University
  • Interactive Lecture in rural and Govt. colleges
  • Training Olympiad students in Experimental Physics
  • Training Freshers for taking up teaching profession.
  • Orientation program for teachers deputed from PU colleges
Programs & Courses Offered:

  • Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics (PCM)
  • Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science (PMC)
Name Qualification Designation Specialization
Sarmistha Sahu M.Sc Associate Professor Spectroscopy
Kala N M.Sc Associate Professor Electronics
K S Padmashree M.Sc Associate Professor Electronics
Gurubasamma B M.Sc Assistant Professor Nuclear Physics
Anupama M.Sc, M.Phil Assistant Professor Spectroscopy
  • To be rated as the Best Department in the University
  • Introduce PG Courses
  • Develop research facilities
  • To initiate industry internships
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