Students Activities

mLAC is aware that the true goal of education is character building. Our focus is on enabling all-round development of the student. We have an integrated perspective of initiatives beyond the curriculum.


mLAC has a tradition of excellence in sports. Our students have the distinction of playing at the highest levels in several sports. These include chess and carrom among indoor sports. In outdoor sports, our students have represented university and state in cricket, hockey, volleyball, throwball, netball, and kabaddi. Our students have excelled in several events in athletics as well.

Cultural activities:

The college is abuzz with one or the other cultural activity on virtually every working day. Be it the heritage club, or Kannada theatre, ethnic day celebrations, folk dances, Rangoli, Mehendi, hair styling, cooking, classical dance, music, fashion, … the energy is simply infectious.

Extracurricular activities:

The college is always playing an inspirational role in the growth of the intellectual faculties of the students. We encourage our students to play an active role in any activity that can spark their aptitude. In fact, such activities can in future become the central part of their careers as well. These include street play, quiz, debate, pencil sketching, treasure hunt, inno-waste, bio-remix, poster presentation, face painting, entrepreneurship, collage, ad design, e-painting, mock stock…

mLAC is committed to building youth force that is healthy and well equipped to provide responsible leadership in the digital era. Students become sensitized to the environment they are part of by pursuing one or more of the following:

NCC (National Cadet Corps): mLAC was given authority to function independently from 1 KarBn NCC. Our students are very active and have won several laurels for excellence at different occasions.

Bharat Scouts and Guides: Guiding is one of the world’s largest youth movements, with over 8 million members. We have vibrant guiding activities.

NSS (National Service Scheme): Our college initiated the NSS unit in 1975. Our students organize and participate in NSS workshops.

Disha association

mLAC has partnered with Disha, an NGO engaged in value-based initiatives for youth, since 2005. Workshops on the theme “Know Your Self, Know Your Country, Know Your Culture” are conducted. Participating students have experienced a positive change in the physical, emotional, mental, aesthetic, moral and spiritual development. They have begun to see the whole world as a community of interdependent nations and are able to appreciate the contributions made to global progress by different cultures.

STEP: The mLAC advantage for all students

The college has a special program called STEP that stands for Student Training and Enrichment Program. This is a student development program. It is an integrated personality development program. It has the potential to transform the behavioural nature of the individual by providing the crucial life skills. What is different is the importance this program is given. It is a constant part of the curriculum all through 3 years of graduation, because transformational change cannot be brought about in a short time.

At mLAC, we take our students beyond the conventional curriculum, so they can extend the limits of the possible.